Welcome to starBase!

starBase v3.0 is an open-source platform for studying the miRNA-ncRNA, miRNA-mRNA, ncRNA-RNA, RNA-RNA, RBP-ncRNA and RBP-mRNA interactions from CLIP-seq, degradome-seq and RNA-RNA interactome data.

In summary, starBase v3.0 identifies more than 1.1 million miRNA-ncRNA, 2.5 million miRNA-mRNA, 2.1 million RBP-RNA and 1.5 million RNA-RNA interactions from multi-dimensional sequencing data.

Accompany with gene expression data of 32 types of cancers which are derived from 10,882 RNA-seq and 10,546 miRNA-seq data, starBase v3.0 allows researchers performing Pan-Cancer analysis on RNA-RNA and RBP-RNA interactions. starBase v3.0 also provides platforms to perform the survival and differential expression analysis of miRNAs, lncRNAs, mRNAs, pseudogenes, etc.

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