starBase is designed for the Pan-Cancer Analysis and decoding the Interaction Networks of lncRNAs, miRNAs, competing endogenous RNAs(ceRNAs), RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and mRNAs from large-scale CLIP-Seq (HITS-CLIP, PAR-CLIP, iCLIP, CLASH) data and tumor samples (14 cancer types, >6000 samples).

starBase is also developed for deciphering Protein-RNA and miRNA-target interactions, such as protein-lncRNA, protein-sncRNA, protein-mRNA, protein-pseudogene, miRNA-lncRNA, miRNA-mRNA, miRNA-circRNA, miRNA-pseudogene, miRNA-sncRNA interactions and ceRNA networks from 108 CLIP-Seq (HITS-CLIP, PAR-CLIP, iCLIP, CLASH) datasets.

starBase provides miRFunction and ceRNAFunction web tools to predict the function of ncRNAs (miRNAs, lncRNAs, pseduogenes) and protein-coding genes from the miRNA-mediated (ceRNA) regulatory networks.

How to cite:

starBase v2.0: decoding miRNA-ceRNA, miRNA-ncRNA and protein-RNA interaction networks from large-scale CLIP-Seq data.
Li JH, Liu S, Zhou H, Qu LH* and Yang JH*
Nucleic Acids Res. 2014;42:D92-D97.

starBase: a database for exploring microRNA-mRNA interaction maps from Argonaute CLIP-Seq and Degradome-Seq data.
Yang JH, Li JH, Shao P, Zhou H, Chen YQ and Qu LH.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011;39:D202-D209.

What's New

starBase v2.0 release at Sept. 2013

starBase Pan-Cancer Tutorial starBase v2.0 Tutorial

Data Sets

starBase contains 108 CLIP-Seq data from 37 studies.Details

What People are Saying

I have been using your web-based tool to design target protectors for miRNAs and I'd like to thank you for putting together such an amazing tool. Great job!
Assistant Project Scientist, University of California San Diego

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