Browse the predicted miRNA-target interactions processed from five miRNA prediction software programs (TargetScan, PicTar, PITA, miRanda and RNA22) by entering the gene name or selecting a miRNA name. Here, we list predicted miRNA-target interactions overlapped with CLIP-Seq data.


  1. You can input the gene name: E2F1

  2. You can select a microRNA gene: hsa-let-7a-5p

  3. If you do not input/select anything, you can browse all miRNA-target interactions

  1. Number of supporting Experiments can be used to reduce false positives for predicted target sites. For example, medium stringency(>=2) means that >=2 CLIP-Seq experiments supported the predicted miRNA target site.
  2. Number of Cancer Types(Pan-Cancer) can be used to explore anti-correlation (pearson correlation: r<0, p-value<0.05) between miRNA and target genes across diverse cancer types. For example, cancer type >=1 means that expression of miRNA and target gene is anti-correlation (pearson correlation: r<0, p-value<0.05) at least one cancer type.