The user can browse the predicted competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) pairs or regulatory networks by integrating the interactions from potential microRNA targets (miRanda/mirSVR) overlapping with CLIP-Seq data. We list the predicted ceRNA pairs supported with CLIP-Seq data.


  1. FDR (false discovery rate): we evaluate the interactions between ceRNAs using the hypergeometric test, and then calculate the q-values (FDR).
    We set False Discovery Rate(FDR) with default value<1.
  2. If you want to list high stringent results, you can set other value to filter the ceRNA pairs by selecting drop-down box.
    For example: select FDR<0.05
  3. Number of Cancer Types(Pan-Cancer) can be used to explore positive-correlation (pearson correlation: r>0, p-value<0.05) between ceRNA1 and ceRNA2 across diverse cancer types. For example, cancer type >=1 means that expression of ceRNA1 and ceRNA2 is positive-correlation (pearson correlation: r>0, p-value<0.05) at least one cancer type.

  1. You can input the gene name: PTEN

  2. You can also select minimum common miRNA number: among ceRNAs